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I hate shipping Linzin knowing that Tenzin won’t leave Pema and his kids for Lin.

And that I actually like Pema a bit.


Me at the lack of Makorra in the newest clip.


Me at the lack of Makorra in the newest clip.


Episode 1:

Mako and Bolin don’t even make an appearance…

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Korra and Mako traveling and searching together


Korra and Mako “Sleeping together”


Episode 4:

A wild Asami appears! Flirting ensues!

Asami and Mako go on a date

Episode 5:

Mako and…

When someone says they don’t ship Makorra



Lurking all up in your dash

If I was still using the default dash theme, this would be even more amazing.

I applaud you, OP. This is awesome. xD


Use every 3rd GIF. No cheating!

1. Reaction when your friends make it to Air Temple Island

2. Reaction to Meelo’s crush on Asami

3. Reaction when Ikki tells Asami that you like Mako

4. What you think of the new Chief of Police

5. Tarrlok mocks your airbending and calls you…

Korra Episode 8 GIF CHALLENGE


Episode 8 gif challenge!

1. Reaction to Meelo asking for Asami’s hair.

2. Reaction to Korra’s lightning face.

3. Reaction to Ikki’s self cat fight.

4. Reaction when Korra grabs to new poliece cheif’s chin.

5. Reaction to Tenzin saying he is “the worst ever!”

6. Reaction when Mako and Bolin are arrested.

7. Reaction to the Fight between Korra and Tarrlok.

8. Reaction to the flashbacks.

9. Reaction when Tarrlok blood bends.


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Fangirl Problems


So, I’ve learned something about why I ship things in TV shows. I always ship characters (canon or not) when I like the other option(s) for the female character. I.E. in atla I didn’t ship Zutara because I thought Zuko was hot, in Young Justice I didn’t ship Kaldur/Raquel because I thought he was hot, and in LoK i switch between shipping borra and makorra because both brothers are hot. Please tell me I’m not the only person with this problem?